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Omlat is back

Come and explore Omlat's products in Hannover
from September 18th to 23rd, 2023,
HALL 013, Stand A63

Omlat is back

World leader in high precision.


The high speed spindles, the electrospindles and the double rotation heads designed and manufactured by OMLAT  are the result of consistent technical innovation and precision from more than 70 years.
A continuous evolution to which the “know how” Omlat is able to respond with optimal solutions for all those mechanical workings that require to combine in a single product speed and power without compromising quality standards.
The electrospindle’s technology has become widespread in all those areas where it’s necessary to carry out high speed cutting operations to reduce time and therefore costs, to ensure reliability and perfect execution on: wood, PVC, aluminum, glass, composite materials, graphite, titanium, etc…


OMLAT’s business strategy is to achieve functional products and constantly evolving, thus satisfying the demands of an  increasingly aggressive market.
For this reason OMLAT’s customers are supported and oriented towards solutions that best meet their technical and productive expectations.
Hence the decision to invest in the design capability to develop specific projects thanks to our technical staff with high professional profile which operates with latest 3D CAD-CAM systems.
Therefore high performance “customized” spindles are made and then be destined for advanced and complex production units.

Omlat Prodotti


OMLAT offers a Service center, fast, effective and efficient to repair every type of spindle and electrospindle.
The point of strength of OMLAT assistance is the quality of service, as the reconditioning process makes the product like new, therefore will be issued a new warranty.
We consider it essential to guarantee to our clients an appropriate feedback  to any situation: fast in case of machine stop, exhaustive in case of regular maintenance.

Omlat Service